My Purpose

To help this world be a better place
through my profession and my life

My Motto

Just Get It Done
Any Where - Any Time - Any Weather

Over 16 years of professional worldwide experience in the Telecommunications industry  has shaped me to be a self-reliant individual as the starting point to be an effective member of high performance teams, and for building teams.

Exposed to diverse cultures and environments and working under stressing conditions I have developed the skills required to endure in high-stress projects and still get the job done.

Under the philosophy of “Continuous Improvement” and “Do-whatever-it-takes”, I have returned to school every time, without leaving work, to acquire the tools that I  need to keep performing in my profession.   That is how I hold a Masters degree in Telecommunications, a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and Professional certifications in Project Management, along with formal Six Sigma training.

In the late 80’s, the satellite and the IT industries where two separate disciplines, just to find later that they had to merge, that is how we have now IP over satellite, digital TV, and other digital services over satellite; the Quality sciences and the Network Deployment disciplines are still quite appart.  Being the first a data and metrics driven discipline, still thought as a manufacturing discipline,  and the latter still being in a mind frame of run and just-do-it !, leaving huge amounts of reworks, increasing risks in the field not just to the infrastructure but to the personnel.

I believe that with my technical hands-on experience, and my formal education in Project Management and in the Quality sciences, I can close the gap and bring the continous improvement philosophy to projects deploying telecom networks.

Currently looking for a position in a company where these skills are required and where experience and education are equally valued.  The ideal job could be in a company that has operations in Latin America or expanding to LATAM.

Don´t ever take a Job-- join a crusade!