Sr. Engineer - Qualcomm

The Challenge –
The MediaFLO network was still in its design phase.  The company needed somebody with strong knowledge in satellite communications engineering in order to create the link analysis and take care of the satellite part of the deployment.

The solution –
I created the link budgets for the network and recommended changes and new implementations so the remote sites could  be more robust , minimizing downtime in the network.
Besides the satellite responsibility,  and due to my education in Quality sciences and previous management responsibilities, I  presented a model based on a Mission for the Field Engineering group, where metrics and KPIs were created for the group.

The Result –
The result was the creation of a web based data base for tracking and communicating problems and their solutions  among a disperse team.  Also cross-training excercises.  All this helped to reduce the time personnel would spend in the field and in specific sites, reducing the expenses per site.