Sr. OPERATIONS ADVISOR(off-site)   Industrias KIT, Mexico 2001 - present
Created Mission, vision and strategic plan for the organization. Created a business model based on  innovation where the company would compete against foreign products.   Created the model for the first R&D center for toys in Mexico, where wireless technology would be integrated in the products.  Created Quality and Cultural Change programs for fostering innovation and an excellence mentality within the company, resulting in a sustained growth since 2001 even after economic turn-downs in the country.
Currently serving as external advisor.

Sr. ENGINEER    Qualcomm, San Diego, CA                              2004- present
Created strategy and metrics for the Field Engineering group based on a Quality model.  Implemented a knowledge base tool that resulted in the reduction of deployment time and also reduced ramp-up time for new team members while mentoring and coaching the Field Engineering group.  Responsible for managing broadcast sites construction and commissioning in the MediaFLO network. Sites included transmission lines on tall towers up to 2000 ft., broadcast, GPS, Satellite antennas, and TV transmission equipment. Created satellite link budgets for the remote sites in the MediaFLO network.  Redesigned remote sites architecture resulting in a more robust solution reducing potential downtime in the network.

Sr. PROJECT ANALYST    Qualcomm, San Diego, CA                        2002 - 2004
Managed relations with customer for new BREW based application  product trial and roll-out. Acted as liaison between customer and engineering, operations and sales.  Held meetings with customers and technical staff  to properly address and resolve customer issues. 
Managed schedules and performed risk analysis during the development and redesign on one of the main products of the company. Managed logistics field trials, and communicating technical issues to the development team and driving them to resolution.

Sr. PROGRAM MANAGER    BroadTech International, San Diego, CA.  2002
Created an strategic plan for entering the LatinAmerica market, based on a Business Performance Excellence (BPE)  model where metrics and indicators are aligned with the Mission of the organization.
Applied my knowledge of the LatinAmerican culture in order to avoid cultural barriers and effectively negotiate partnerships.
Responsible for evaluation of wireless telecommunications products for potential deployment in Latin America, and identifying third party vendors, carriers and aggregators for mobile applications
Left for better opportunity in larger company

TECHNICAL PROGRAM MANAGER   Titan Wireless, San Diego, CA      2001 –  2002
Managed engineering, procurement and installation efforts for Wireless Local Loop project in Africa, with satellite backhaul, with teleports in the U.S. and Africa. This was a government project sponsored by the President of Guinea in order to provide VoIP services to underserved areas using wireless technology. 
Responsible for equipment provisioning overseas, schedules, budget control and risk analysis.  Key Process Areas: Requirements Management, Supplier Agreement Management, Process/Product Quality Assurance, Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control and Measurement/Analysis
Reported project deliverables and progress to Operations Vice-President. Acted as main point of contact for the U.S. carrier  -AT&T
Left when company closed

PROJECT ENGINEER / PROJECT MANAGER    ComtechEFData, Tempe, AZ.     1997 - 2001
Responsible for networks optimization, capacity and trade-offs analysis.  Worked on data and broadcast networks, delivering analog and digital content. Analyzed data in order to identify root causes for service failures.  Used statistical analysis and statistical process control (SPC) tools. Performed Systems Engineering tasks for RF issues and participated in system design of satellite communications networks worldwide.
Built strong relationships with overseas customers by caring about their problems applying skills in intercultural communications and Project Management. Proposed solutions according to the customer’s requirements and integrated them to the existing network.  Managed and coached technical personnel overseas and worked close to R&D in factory. Trained a technical Chinese team in China in order to deploy a 300+ sites network.  Spent long periods of time on customer premises working with their technical team.
Left for a better opportunity.

Sr. FIELD ENGINEER    Contractor                                                1995 – 1997
Responsible for test, integration and deployment of satellite networks in emerging markets.
Participated in network design, creating link budgets, and RF equipment selection.
Installation and testing of TV earth stations.  Large antenna’s radiation pattern testing. Integration of satellite networks for TV, digital video, VoIP and data.
Performed Customer Support duties, technical presentations and technical training on customer premises, resulting in customers requesting repeatedly my support.
Companies served during this period were: Scientific-Atlanta, IDB, SDS,  Samart (Thailand), CTI (Argentina), PEMEX (Mexico), El Marin (Sweden), Deutch Telecom (Germany), Medcom (Mexico), Telstra (Australia)

OPERATIONS MANAGER    Sistemas Infinity, Mexico                       1993- 1995 
Responsible for deployment and maintenance  of  satellite networks leading a team of 10 engineers keeping the team always motivated, using coaching skills.
Developed a strategic plan and metrics for measuring performance in the Operations organization.
Implemented closed loop monitoring and control processes  that resulted in 25% expense reduction. Designed new procedures for performance improvement which resulted in 30% less errors on services.
Worked close to customers developing trust and strong relationships which translated in renewed contracts.

ENGINEER    Grupo ICA,  Mexico                                                  1992- 1993
Responsible for installation and testing of VSAT network and communications equipment.  Recommended and implemented procedures for optimizing the monitoring features of the equipment that resulted in a reduction of 20% in maintenance and traveling expenses.

I am familiar with applications such as Visio, Excell, Word, Project, SPSS, which are the common ones in order to have an efficient communication with customers.

I have strong knowledge of electrical and electronic principles, RF propagation, and RF design. Extensive working knowledge of various measurement and test equipment, RF design tools and RF measurement techniques. In depth knowledge of variety communications technologies (DAMA, SCPC, TDMA, CDMA, FDMA , WiFi , WiMax, MPEG, etc.) and IP protocols.   Also satellite equipment such as amplifiers, earth stations, LNA, LNB, LNC, TWTAs, modems.

Organizer of Electronics and Communications Simposium while student at Tec of Monterrey, 1992
Volunteer for mentoring High School teenagers in a troubled low-income neighborhood in San Diego
Co-Founder of Alumni Association for the ITESM (Tec of Monterrey), chapter San Die